Howe Machine & Tool was founded in 1953 by Robert Howe. Started as a tooling company with 7 employees, within a few short years Howe Machine was manufacturing aircraft components for Grumman Aerospace, now Northrop Grumman. By the late 1960’s Howe Machine was also manufacturing components for the United States government.

The company continued to grow, both in size and in its business. Grumman continued to be Howe Machine’s core business, however; the company started to diversify its business model adding additional services to better meet our customer’s needs, while maintaining its commitment to customer satisfaction and quality.

In 1980 founder Robert Howe passed away and control of the company was passed down to his son Paul, who continues to be involved in the day to day operations of the company.

In August of 2017 Howe Machine & Tool became a Veteran Owned Small Business when Ryan Howe, the 3rd generation and Navy Veteran, was named CEO. Howe Machine continues to engage in manufacturing while incorporating the latest in technology to improve quality and streamline production. Our success is rooted in the core values passed down from one generation to the next and the dedication and skill of our employees.



To ensure complete customer satisfaction. Howe Machine & Tool is dedicated to continuously improving and ensuring all products provided to our customers meet or exceeds expectations



Howe Machine & Tool has its headquarters in Bethpage, NY with offices Florida.